AddSol ERP

AddSol ERP is based on ADempiere framework. ADempiere is an industry strength solution that combines ERP, CRM and SCM support for business processes. As opposed to so called “World Class” ERP solutions, ADempiere was designed for the globalized world. While the current incumbent World class ERP’s had to build layers on top of the core product in order to provide support for multiple languages, currencies, companies etc., ADempiere had them embedded from the original design.

AddSol gets benefited by ADempiere’s Vibrant Community with Strong, Global and Professional Team for Robust Business Solution.

Global Team:

  • ADempiere Business inc. is the umbrella organization behind ADempiere so you have a single point where you can request the help you need.
  • There is a world wide network of independent and experienced implementers under the umbrella of ADempiere Business inc. so you have more than one company around the corner to help you.
  • ADempiere is developed by a community of highly specialized volunteers, there are no marketing expenses to sell ADempiere. These two facts mean that you are not paying for R&D nor Marketing. You only pay for the add value services required to improve your business. This makes the value/cost ratio of ADempiere the highest in the industry.

Vibrant Community:

  • The goal of the ADempiere project is the creation of a community developed and supported open source business solution.
  • The project’s community believes that the best method of attaining this goal is the implementation of a Bazaar like organization.
  • This commitment to the community distinguishes the project from other open source project developing similar business solutions.

Robust Business Solution:

  • ADempiere is a robust and stable solution as it is proven by the hundreds of its implementations around the world. However there are a set of differences with proprietary world class ERP’s that make ADempiere unique.
  • As AddSol is is based on ADempiere, which is fully based on Open Standards, so it does not lock you into a vendor.
  • ADempiere is a Open Source solution. This means that when ADempiere is deployed, the complete sources for the solution are installed in your server. If you want to verify that is a key differential just ask any proprietary vendor to install the sources of their product.
  • ADempiere customers have complete freedom over the sources, they can be installed in further sites, they can be distributed, copied or modified as needed. No constraints at all.
  • ADempiere can not be be bought, merged or stopped. Many ERP customers have seen in dismay how ERP they used disappeared as a product of an acquisition (read the related news on People Soft, JD Edwards, BAAN, Siebel to mention just some recent examples)