Addition Solutions is emerging enterprise solution company offering services worldwide, is specialized in Information Technology (IT) based solutions in meeting challenging business demands of global economy. Experts in enterprise IT systems at Addition Solutions offers unique model of association with its client by offering Open Source based solutions to solve the everyday puzzle of business excellence

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Running a business in today’s world is not easy, we understand that. Rising cost, lowering margins, fierce competition, customer satisfaction, human resources and many other problems are faced by business today.


We don’t boast that we will resolve all your problem but we certainly guarantee the effective solution based on our expertise to use Information technology to overcome these obstacles. Information Technology (IT) is not just using latest hardware and fancy softwares, its about solving your business needs.


Many options exists in market but choosing what is right is not an easy task. Opting for most expensive solution because they have done fantastic marketing and crafty selling is not a wise decision. Also going for a cheap option to save initial investment can cost you dearly in long run by loosing market share and efficiency of business.


What we offer is blend of two worlds. A no-cost, free, and open to all world class open source solution with international expertise to implement it for you. Open source solution what we offer is number one in market and compete with most expensive commercial solution.


You get source code of all the softwares at no cost. This gives you freedom. Freedom from expensive monopolized softwares, freedom to choose IT vendors, freedom from monopoly of support / maintenance providing companies. Freedom to take your decisions. Freedom to run your business as per your need.

You get choice. You get freedom.

Off-course, you want to make sure what we offer is truly world class, will it cater to your expanding business needs for many years, what is the initial cost and return on investment, and many more questions. We have tried to answer most of the likely questions through this website, but we will be happy to meet you and answer your questions personally with facts for you to judge.


We are the company of difference, we have qualified and industry experienced team of professionals. We understand the pressing business needs of the customer and then utilize our international experience to offer various options to meet the challenge successfully.

As a part of Datanet group which is serving customers for more than 14 years, Addition Solutions is committed to offer solutions, needed by businesses for betterment of their processes and work efficiently.



We put customer first in every aspect of our endeavours by following ethical business practices.

We are not in industry to sell software, solutions or services but we are here to resolve business problems of our customers.




Our team of experts first visit customer and understand the pain area from management and end users, then offer the options to cater to the need.

We follow agile methodology to work. This helps to deliver solution quickly to address the requirement and also helps in lowering the cost.



The Team

We have team of very qualified professionals with very rich experience of industry. Our domain knowledge and experience with industry leaders, International experience, working with fortune 500 companies and hands on experience of world class enterprise business systems enables us to offer cutting edge solutions.


Check out our key team members in ‘Meet our Team’.


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